Paid Password Sharing on Netflix, Mixed Trial

Tested in several South American countries, paid password sharing on Netflix does not seem to be convincing.

Netflix is in the process of tightening the screws on the practice of password sharing, or giving free access to their Netflix account to someone who does not live under their roof.

Paid password Netflix in Peru, it does not pass…

The company has been testing for a few months in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru a new feature that allows you to add an additional member to your account via an additional payment. The Restofworld site interviewed a dozen users in Peru to gather their opinion on this novelty, and even if the sample is too small to reflect an overall opinion, it gives a small idea of the situation. We learn that the reactions are mainly negative, with some users having completely canceled their subscription, and others continuing to share their password without paying (about 2 additional dollars).

Netflix however reacted by specifying that this test is only a pilot program and that various procedures are deployed across the three countries concerned. It is therefore certainly the one considered the most satisfactory that will be deployed throughout the world.