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D-ILA JVC Ultra HD 8K projector on approach

the developer JVC published a short video the day before yesterday leaving little doubt as to the upcoming presentation of an Ultra HD 8K projector, still based on D-ILA matrix technology.

Entitled "JVC D-ILA Projector Teaser Movie 2021", the video is therefore explicit on the nature of the matrices used and the mention "The New Ultimate" therefore announces an Ultra HD 8K HDR specimen. Other details given through this teaser, the laser light source and a quick overview of the design of the device with a close-up of the optics.

JVC D-ILA 8K, first specs

At first glance, the chassis appears very similar to the rest of the historic D-ILA range, with a curved front face, side vents in the shape of pertiennes, a central black strip on the top and three LEDs on the front. The announcement of such a product is very good news for lovers of very large images. Indeed, 8K TVs (see for example our test of the Samsung QE65QN800A) equipped with high-performance video processing have demonstrated, despite the virtual absence of native 8K sources, the contribution of additional pixels to obtain a ultra sharp image. And the larger the diagonal of the image, as with video projectors, the more this pixel density is justified.

JVC D-ILA 8K, one or more models?

Now remains to be seen the video signed JVC concerns a single reference of its future range of video projectors, or if on the occasion of the presentation of its next series of models (this one is long overdue since 2018) several models will be affected by the 8K.