LX X and LX X Platinum, Bluetooth APT-X 2.1 active/furniture speakers by La Boite Concept

The French loudspeaker/furniture manufacturer, creator of the LD120, LD130, LD100 and LP160 models, as well as the real Cube Thruster 2.1 sound coffee table (click to consult our news), announces its two latest products, the LX X and LX X Turntable, with or without integrated turntable.

Once again developed in association with Samuel Accoceberry, designer of Basque origin who has won many awards for his typical creations from the Basque Country, the LX X and LX X Platine are 2.1 models capable of meeting all the needs of music lovers. , on classic support (vinyl record, audio CD…) or dematerialized.

LX X and LX X Platinum, connectors and connectivity

For the latter, the Bluetooth 4.2 APT-X network function or the USB-B port combined with a Wolfson 192 kHz/24-bit Dac allow you to make the most of Hi-Res Audio audio files. And for more traditional sources, there is an optical input for connecting a CD player or a television, for example, an RCA input with integrated Phono preamplifier, an RCA stereo input and a 3.5 mm mini-jack auxiliary. We still notice two powered USB-A ports and a headphone output.

While these specifications are common to the LX X and LX X Platinum models, as its title indicates, the second is equipped with a 33/45 R vinyl turntable with Ortofon OM10 cartridge, belt-drive platter, anti- -exclusive Good Vibes Only vibrations (4 shock absorbers), leather felt signed by the Basque tannery Carriat and 20 centimeter aluminum arms.

LX X and LX X Platinum, acoustic package

The LX X and LX X Platine are built around two TWS WS 3.0 tweeters (Wide Sound 3.0 for a wider and immersive sound stage), two midrange-treble with white aramid fiber cone and aluminum dispersion cone, plus a very long excursion bass-reflex cellulose cone woofer.

LX X and LX X Platinum, amplification

The amplification made up of five Class D stages provides a total power of 180 W under 8 ohms (2 x 25 W + 2 x 20 W + 1 x 90 W), sufficient to sound a space up to 200 square meters. Last details, the active loudspeakers/furniture LX X and LX X Platinum each rest on two solid feet in walnut or oak in the shape of an X and offer a white shelf, in addition to a vinyl wedge/aluminum book. And everything is of course, as with all La Boite Concept equipment, assembled in Ustaritz in the Basque Country.

Available in white or anthracite immediately. Indicative prices: €2,990 for the LX X, from €3,490 to €4,090 for the LX X Platinum depending on finish.

Reminder of the key characteristics of La Boite Concept LX X and LX X Platine loudspeakers/units:

• Type: 3-way loudspeaker

• Tweeters: 2 x TWZ WS 3.0 tweeters

• Boomers: 1 x very long excursion cellulose cone woofer

• Mids: 2 x mid-treble white aramid fiber cone and aluminum dispersion cone

• Power: 180 W (2 x 25 W + 2 x 20 W + 90 W for the boomer)

• Connectors: 1 optical input, 1 RCA stereo input, 1 RCA Phono RCA, 1 3.5 mm mini-Jack auxiliary input, 1 USB-B port, 2 Powered USB-A ports

• Other: on LX X Platine, 33/45 RPM turntable with Ortofon OM10 cartridge, belt-drive platter, exclusive Good Vibes Only anti-vibration technology (4 shock absorbers), signed leather felt from the Carriat Basque tannery and 20-centimeter aluminum arm

• THD (Total Harmonic Distortion): 0.1%

• Bluetooth 4.2 APT-X compatibility

• 192 kHz/24-bit DAC

• Dimensions (W x D x H): 760 x 570 x 51 5 mm

• Weight: 20 kg