Yamaha NS-2000A, Hi-Fi 3-way floorstanding speakers

To accompany its new Yamaha R-N2000A Hi-Fi network and multiroom amplifier, the Japanese manufacturer is announcing a pair of new Hi-Fi floorstanding speakers, the Yamaha NS-2000A.

The latest from the Japanese firm Yamaha, the NS-2000A speakers combine cutting-edge technology and the brand's musical expertise with a refined aesthetic. In order to magnify any sound signal.

Yamaha NS-2000A, acoustic package

A 3-way bass-reflex column model, the Yamaha NS-2000A are built around a 30 mm dome tweeter, an 80 mm dome midrange and two 16 cm boomers. Namely, the membrane of these three loudspeakers exploits the new exclusive Harmonious Diaphgram material, designed from a mixture of Zylon with excellent velocity and spruce used in the soundboard of Yamaha grand pianos (see second picture below).

Yamaha NS-2000A, main technical characteristics

On the cabinet-making side, like the techniques implemented on the NS-5000 and NS-3000 references, Yamaha applies the same techniques for the manufacture of the NS-2000A cases as for these musical instruments: laser vibrometer FEM analysis (Finite Element Methods). To eliminate the residual waves of the HP, Yamaha has used in its new columns an exclusive resonator tube (an acoustic absorber, see photo below) allowing to preserve the dynamics, the energy and the original realism of the music. Finally, the Yamaha NS-2000A naturally benefit from components selected for their performance, for example Mcap Supreme Classic capacitors made in Germany by the company Mundorf.

Similarly, the presence of an RS chamber (see photo below) located at the rear of the tweeter suppresses the resonances of the tube which can cause a forced displacement of the speaker membrane, therefore a sound degradation .

Yamaha NS-2000A, sophistication of screw terminals

And since the devil is in the details, Yamaha has taken care of all aspects of the NS-2000A, right down to the screw terminal blocks allowing easy and reliable cable connection. Their shape allows for a perfect grip and a feeling of luxury with effortless tightening.

Availability announced, in lacquered black, for the month of October. Indicative prices, speakers and stands, still unknown.

Reminder of the key characteristics of the Yamaha NS-2000A speakers:

• Type: 3-way speaker

• Woofers: Zylon/spruce cone 16 cm x 2

• Midrange: Zylon/ 8 cm cone spruce

• Tweeter: Zylon/3 cm cone spruce

• Load: bass-reflex

• Non-magnetic: yes

• Sensitivity: 88 dB

• Impedance: 3.5 ohms to 6 ohms

• Bandwidth: 34 Hz-65 KHz

• Cabinet dimensions (W x D x H, mm): 330 x 459 x 1,134

• Cut-off frequency: 750 Hz, 3.5 kHz

• Max/peak power handling: 60 W/200 W

• Unit net weight: 32.8 kg