Biscuit, indestructible and repairable wireless charger

Clever Kickstarter project is this wireless charger that goes against the planned obsolescence of today's electronic accessories.

Successfully funded by a Kickstarter campaign, the Biscuit wireless charger is robust, easy to disassemble, repair, and update. In this sense, it fights against the planned obsolescence of most electronic gadgets which become outdated or faulty relatively quickly, requiring regular replacement.

Zirconium dioxide cookie

Biscuit sports a zirconium dioxide surface, a material used on premium knives and watches, and also dental crowns. It offers a smooth finish and a solidity close to that of diamond. The device does not hold with any adhesive, the elements being either screwed or clipped, making it easy to disassemble. Parts are thus easily exchangeable, even the 15 W wireless charging coil, which may for example be replaced by a more powerful model in the future.