TCL 2022 QLED Mini LED TV: bigger, faster, more beautiful!

A look back at the Chinese manufacturer which, in 2022, is continuing its transformation in Europe. From a TV specialist, TCL is now a generalist company with a presence in many sectors of the technical goods market (small and large household appliances, air conditioning, mobility). And like its positioning in China, it plans to expand to other product categories in the coming months. Of course, as with other consumer electronics groups, for example the Koreans Samsung and LG, the TV business remains the brand's technological showcase. As such, the 2022 range is undoubtedly the most ambitious and richest ever offered by TCL in France.

Privileged observer of the hi-tech/new-tech market for ages, the editorial staff of closely follows the trajectory of the company TCL, a "TV player apart" we already mentioned last year in a previous news following the marketing of the screens presented at the CES show in Las Vegas 2021.

TCL TV, N°3 in France and 52% increase in Europe in 2021 It is true that the progress of the Chinese group clashes in France, and in Europe. In addition to an important sports sponsorship strategy (Neymar Jr, PSG player and Brazilian star, was the brand ambassador before TCL became a partner of the International Basketball Federation, then signed six of the biggest names in football -Pogba , Donnarumma, Piatek, Ñíguez, Kane and Reus - playing in the five major European championships), the Asian firm is one of the few to develop from the outset a commercial policy in partnership with resellers/distributors thanks, among other things, to judicious operating licenses, Thomson in the lead (we can also cite Alcatel for mobility). Tasked TCL with offering the group's most exclusive products to position itself against the offer of the Korean leaders in the TV market.

A method that is bearing fruit with an average increase in sales in Europe of 52 % in 2021 compared to 2020, and a solid position as the third player in the TV market in France.

TCL, television for everyone Year after year, TCL digs another furrow, that of innovation. In technological terms of course, but also in terms of use via a state-of-the-art user interface with gesture control of the television or even Google TV offering, for example, Google Duo for video calls. Without forgetting another desire displayed by the brand, that of responding to all consumer profiles: telephile, TV series enthusiast, Home Cinephile, video game lover...

Similarly, lovers of very large images are not not forgotten with 75'' (191 cm) specimens in all vintage 2022 TV series (see below to discover them), and even 85'' (216 cm) and especially 98'' (250 cm) within the C73 series, for a visual spectacle similar to that offered by a cinema. If we add to this the management of HDR10+ and HDR Dolby Vision technologies, generalized or almost general Dolby Atmos compatibility (via a 2.1.2 system on C93 TVs) associated with the eARC function, whatever your needs, there is a TV TCL for you.

And the timing for such development of the TV range is not insignificant. All studies around the world show it, if we sensed it from the first confinement, we see it today, while Western and Asian countries (with the notable exception of China) hope to have reached the end of the Covid-19 pandemic, the health crisis will have forever changed our relationship with the television object. The big screen in the home now plays a preponderant role in what sociologists were quick to call “the new normal”, namely a profound metamorphosis of human relationships, leisure and work.

With the development of telecommuting and leisure at home (streaming and video games), the television has come back into our lives in force: adopted during office hours for videoconferences or to display the large screen of the laptop (Miracast or AirPlay 2 functions), otherwise used to watch the latest Amazon Prime Video/Disney+/Netflix series or the football match/F1 grand prix offered by Canal+.

What is striking when discovering the TCL 2022 television range is the multiplication of series and references. And again, 8K Ultra HD TVs will only be presented from the start of the school year, after the IFA Berlin 2022 show scheduled for early September in the German capital. Let it be said, TCL intends to become a real alternative to Korean brands, in all screen sizes and all price levels.

TCL was one of the first TV manufacturers to bet on QLED technology for an expanded color palette.

TCL TV, zoom on the 2022 range At the time of writing these lines, five Ultra HD 4K TV series are on the program, the TCL C93, TCL C83, TCL C73, TCL C63 and TCL P73. The first two named are based on Mini LED technology, the workhorse of the brand which was the first to offer such a television in stores with the 65X10 from the end of 2019. And the first four series are QLED obedience (nanocrystals Quantum Dots) for exceptional color performance. We repeat, the range will be enriched at the end of the year with the arrival of the brand's new 8K TVs.

TCL Mini LED fourth generation Drawing on its experience and mastery of Mini LED technology, in 2022 the manufacturer is embarking on the TCL C93 and C83 TVs with advanced fourth-generation backlighting systems: OD5 (distance between the backlighting system and the LCD panel of 5 mm ) for the C93, OD12 (12 mm) for the C83. Combined with a native 10-bit panel, these have thousands of zones for the C93s and hundreds of zones for the C83s that are individually and very precisely controlled. On the C93 televisions, the peak light reaches 2,000 nits and the contrast ratio 10,000,000:1.

The improvements in the TCL Mini LED process do not only lie in a minimum optical distance between the panel and the backlight. For example, all the diodes used (several thousand) are strictly identical, particularly in terms of performance (electrical efficiency, wavelength, power), to ensure perfect image homogeneity, but also in colorimetric terms for total uniformity and fight the Demura effect (also called Clouding) directly from the backlight system and no longer just at the LCD panel.

The drastic selection of diodes is one of the main elements of the fourth generation of Mini LED backlighting by TCL.

Another precision given by TCL, the on-board LEDs are capable of changing state extremely quickly, i.e. a period of time less than that required to display an image, even with a 120 hertz signal. Called Direct Drive by TCL, this feature eliminates shadow problems on moving objects.

Similarly, 16-bit obedience LEDs offer ultra-precise control of the brightness delivered in 65,536 steps. Thus, the slightest variations of the image are taken into account and reproduced on the screen for increased realism. Finally, TCL indicates that the diodes of the C93/C83 TVs are no longer square in shape but round, with a view to better control of the light generated and the significant reduction of the halo phenomenon (Blooming) still visible on the Mini LED diffusers.

In total, the backlighting system of these TVs therefore includes five major technical developments for unprecedented display quality. And we must admit that the first demonstrations are convincing with a result extremely close to the Oled, particularly in the axis without visible trace of Blooming.

TV TCL, the best screens for video games ? In addition to offering high-performance TVs for cinema or sport, one of TCL's objectives is to offer televisions adapted to a population that is constantly growing, generation after generation: video game enthusiasts. In 2021, globally, the turnover of the video game market was more than double that of cinema and music combined. In France, a country with 38.29 million players, the Sell (Syndicate of Leisure Software Publishers) tells us that in 2021, still, 71% of adults have played a video game, 98% of children (less than 14 years old). Other figures, 55% of French people have played video games almost every day, 73% occasionally. But to make the most of the new generation PlayStation and Xbox consoles and their games on a TV, not to mention PC Gaming computers, it must be at the forefront in many areas, including display frequency.


144Hz is the new 120Hz As a reminder, also known as "refresh rate", frame rate refers to the number of times per second that a television is able to update an image, expressed in hertz (Hz). Until now, TV buyers had two options: 50/60 Hz TVs and 100/120 Hz TVs. To be clear, the former are therefore capable of refreshing their image 50 or 60 times per second, while the latter reach a maximum of 100 or 120 frames per second.


TCL is the first TV manufacturer to Massive adoption of 144Hz technology in its 2022 lineup.

This year, TCL announced that several of its "premium TVs", the C93, C83 and C73 models, come with Game Master Pro certified up to 144Hz with a 4K Ultra HD signal. Associated with a minimal latency time (Input Lag of 6 ms on these screens with the ALLM function), this allows players with a Gaming PC to use the latest generation games with maximum fluidity on the screen for unprecedented immersion, plus unparalleled responsiveness, the grail of online gamers.

Of course, these televisions also have all the necessary equipment for the most perfect gaming sessions possible. In addition to HDMI 2.1 connectors, VRR and FreeSync technologies are present for always fluid images, without tearing problem (known as Tearing) on the screen. We can also mention the Google Stadia application to play directly on the TV using a simple controller and an internet subscription. Without forgetting this year the Game Bar menu, superimposed on the image, for quick access to all the parameters allowing to magnify the video game experience (32/9 mode for example with a PC signal).


TV TCL 2022, content and form Displaying a beautiful, fluid, colourful, detailed image is good. But doing it through televisions with a statutory, recognized and remarkable design is better. For several years, TCL has been working to combine content and form in order to compete, in this field too, with the Korean leaders, references in the field. The result is visible with TVs with modern and sober elegance.


The greatest designers were not mistaken, the TCL C93/C83 TVs have just been awarded by the prestigious international jury of the Red Hot Awards: Product Design 2022 which includes 50 experts from all regions of the world. A reward that counts and which highlights, of course, the aesthetics of the products but also their degree of innovation. A great success for the brand.


The TCL C83/C93 TVs were awarded by the jury for the prestigious Red Hot Awards 2022, a great recognition.