Incredible gaming setup for this Thai youtuber

When Bankii plays video games, it's in the cockpit of a spaceship with three giant screens side by side.

The Thai youtuber Bankii specializes in cooking and/or tasting delicious dishes in close-up and to the sound of his ASMR chewing. And when he has to visit various places for his culinary explorations, he uses his spaceship, or rather a very successful futuristic cockpit set that serves as his studio, designed by the company KK Interior Design of Pattaya.

The Thai sauce game

More than just decor, this place is also functional. There is in particular a gaming setup equipped with three screens which probably provides thrills on space combat type games. See yourself on this video at the top of the "show off". And if you like beautiful and good food, go and visit the Bankii Youtube channel. Remember to activate the subtitles, everything is obviously in Thai.