6G fifty times faster than 5G

Samsung is already fully committed to the mobile communication technology that will become standard in about ten years.

Ahead of the very first 6G forum organized by Samsung on May 13, 2022, the Korean manufacturer published a white paper describing its aspirations and the technical details that already exist on 6G, the future wireless communication standard that will succeed -on gives it to you in thousand- the 5G.

6G, 6G transfer speed will reach 1 terabyte

We learn among other things that the transfer speed of 6G will reach 1 terabyte (TB) per second, fifty times faster than the 20 GB of 5G networks. In June 2021, Samsung had managed to reach a transfer rate of 6 GB / s at 15 meters distance indoors. In 2022, the speed was 12 GB/s at 30 meters indoors, and even delivered 2.3 GB/s at 120 meters away, showing improvement as technology has developed.

Sunghyun Choi from the Samsung Communications Research Center

"We started our journey a long time ago to understand, develop and standardize 6G communications technology," said Sunghyun Choi of the Samsung Communications Research Center. We are committed to taking the lead and sharing our findings to extend our vision of a hyperconnected experience for all aspects of life.”