Hisense 4K Ultra HD LED/Oled TV refund offer, up to €500 refunded

For a few more hours, until tonight (May 9), Hisense is refunding up to €500 on a selection of its 4K Ultra HD TV models.

Even today therefore, for any purchase of an Ultra HD television set among the references listed below, Hisense reimburses you from 50 € to 500 euros. The references concerned and the amount of the associated reimbursement can be found below:

• 50 € for the Hisense 43A63H, Hisense 43A64H, Hisense 43A66H, Hisense 43A68H, Hisense 43A7GQ, Hisense 50A63H, Hisense 50A64H, Hisense 50A66H, Hisense 50A68H, Hisense 50A7GQ, Hisense 55A7GQ, Hisense 58A7GQ or Hisense 55A78GQ

• €100 for the Hisense 55U8GQ, Hisense 65A63H, Hisense 65A64H, Hisense 65A66H, Hisense 65A68H, Hisense 65A7GQ or Hisense {0};€2;• for the the Hisense 55A85G or Hisense 65U8GQ

• 500 € for the Hisense 75U9GQ

Details of the offer are available on the brand's website:

Hisense Offers/Promotions