Three versions for the Google Pixel Watch?

The first connected watch from Google supposed to be released this year could come in several versions, up to three.

There have been rumors of a smartwatch being developed by Google for a while now, and those rumors have intensified in recent weeks, with on the one hand a prototype in the wild, on the other hand the name "Pixel Watch" officially registered by Google.

3 codenames, GWT9R, GBZ4S, and GQF4C, for 3 Pixel Watch?

More recently, Google submitted a device called the BT Wearable Design-Controller Subsystem, most likely the Pixel Watch, to the American Bluetooth certification group. In the submission listing, three models are mentioned, carrying the codes GWT9R, GBZ4S, and GQF4C. Perhaps these terms refer to different cellular frequency bands, but it's also possible that the Pixel Watch comes in three versions, with different sizes and features.

Pixel Watch unveiled at the Google I/O conference?

Google should take advantage of its Google I/O developer conference on May 11 and 12 to talk about this new product, or even give a preview, before marketing it in October alongside the Pixel 7 series of smartphones. Source: Android Police