Christian, Muslim or Judaic iPhone: €5,000 for the direct line with God

Or how to “pimp up” your iPhone while celebrating one of the three main monotheistic religions. Another blow from the Russians.

Specializing in luxurious modifications of technological gadgets, the Russian company Caviar was inspired by the month of April, dotted with important religious holidays such as Easter, Passover or Ramadan. The Credo collection is therefore completed by three new models, each evoking one of the main monotheistic religions.

iPhone Ave Maria, Mogen David and Chahada

The iPhones in question are called Ave Maria, Mogen David and Chahada, including precious materials such as 24-carat gold, titanium or even millenary oak for the Christian model. Note the completely crazy details such as a small container containing earth from Jerusalem on the Judaic version.

Special edition published in 99 copies

For around €5,000 you can have your own smartphone modified by Caviar, or directly buy an already “pimped” iPhone 13, for around €7,000. Each version is only printed in 99 copies. Amen.