Fast & Furious X is looking for a director: it's urgent!

Even before the end of the first week of filming, the director of Fast & Furious X slams the door and leaves the film for "artistic discrepancy". Fast & Furious X is therefore looking for a director, you can send your CV to Vin Diesel.

A few days ago, Vin Diesel posted a video of him and his director Justin Lin on set, commenting on his state of mind before filming began. Visibly embarrassed, Justin Lin, also the film's co-writer, replied, "I feel like this is the start of, uh…, an epic ending."

A very fast, very furious start

Four days later, Lin is no longer the director of the tenth and final opus of Fast & Furious (in fact, two films shot end to end supposed to conclude the saga). The news is all the more a shock for fans since Justin Lin has directed five films in the saga, and that for many, he is one of the architects of the success of the franchise. Above all, he has demonstrated that he is capable of managing a colossal budget and even bigger egos…

The Reasons Of The Wrath

Official reason for leaving? “Artistic Divergence”. It is certain that having artistic differences on Fast & Furious is a bit like having a heating problem in Qatar, you have to look…

Variety explains that the second unit continues to film in the UK but all other UK production is on hold until a new director is found. It's all the more urgent because keeping the main film crew idle is costing Universal between $600,000 and $1 million a day.

It's Mission Impossible

But that's not the only problem. Charlize Theron, Jason Momoa and Brie Larson have other commitments and will not be able to stay on set longer than expected. Added to all this is Vin Diesel's ego, which is no longer a secret for anyone and with which the new director - obviously experienced and accustomed to managing large budgets - will also have to come to terms, Vin Diesel having his say. to say about all the artistic decisions of the film.

Unless Vin Diesel takes over himself? In any case, it's no longer Fast & Furious, it's Mission Impossible! One day, perhaps, we will know the real reason for Justin Lin's "Fast and Very Furious" departure...