The sequel to The Batman: it's official and we tell you why

At CinemaCon in Las Vegas, Warner Bros. officially announced that production of The Batman sequel will begin this year.

Robert Pattinson will return as Bruce Wayne/Batman, while Matt Reeves will take over directing.

N°1 at the world box office in 2022

No shooting date has been revealed nor any element of the future cast -other than Pattinson- has filtered. But this announcement comes as the box office for The Batman reaches $759 million worldwide, making it the No. 1 box office worldwide in 2022 so far.

Movie release pays off big for Warner

The film also marks the return of a 45-day exclusive theatrical run for a film by Warner, before landing on the HBO Max streaming platform. In terms of people who saw the film in theaters, The Batman outperformed all Warner films combined that released simultaneously in theaters and on HBO Max last year. Figures that encourage the studio a little more to favor a theatrical release of its films, before they are made available on its streaming platform.