PlayStation Plus, update available in France

The availability of the new PlayStation Plus service in France, mentioned in our news at the end of March, is now known: June 22. As a reminder, three new subscription offers are planned to compete with Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass.

The evolution of the PlayStation Plus video game service will officially materialize next June, the 22nd in Europe (May 23, 2022 in Asia outside Japan, June 1, 2022 in Japan, June 13, 2022 in America), signing the disappearance of PlayStation Now which will find itself absorbed in this new offer.

PlayStation Plus, 3 subscription offers

The new version is divided into three options, with ascending features and prices, to be discovered below:

- PlayStation Plus Essential

The PlayStation Plus Essential option remains unchanged from the previous PlayStation Plus service. It offers:

• Two downloadable games each month

• Exclusive discounts

• Cloud storage for game saves

• Access to online multiplayer

The indicative prices also remain the same: €8.99 per month, €24.99 per quarter, €59.99 per year

- PlayStation Plus Extra

PlayStation Plus Extra offers the same functions as the Essential option, plus a catalog of around 400 of the best PS4 and PS5 games that can be downloaded for offline access

Indicative prices: 13 €.99 per month, €39.99 per quarter, €99.99 per year

- PlayStation Plus Premium

Finally, the PlayStation Plus Premium offer includes the same functions as those offered by the Essential and Extra options, with the addition of:

• 340 additional games including PS3 titles available via streaming, and download among the games PlayStation, PS2 and PSP.

• Limited-time trial versions

• Game streaming on PS4 and PS5 consoles, as well as PC

Indicative price: €16.99 per month, €49.99 per quarter, €119.99 per year

Note that PlayStation Now subscribers will upgrade to PlayStation Plus Premium at no additional cost when the new service becomes available.