Sonos “Fury”, code name of a new bar of its first prize

Our colleagues from the American site The Verge have published an update on an upcoming first price soundbar from Sonos and known for the moment under the code name Fury.

According to information published by The Verge, the Sonos "Fury" (or S36) soundbar will be very compact, even more so than the Sonos Beam (550 mm against 651 mm) and will be displayed at an affordable price, around $250.

Sony "Fury", main specs

Inevitably, at this price, many of the features onboard the Sonos Beam Gen 2 which appeared shortly after the start of the 2021 school year will not be there, first and foremost Dolby Atmos compatibility and Google and/or Alexa voice assistants and the associated microphones. Similarly, connectivity would be reduced to its simplest form with an optical input but without HDMI.

Sony "Fury", surround speakers in a multi-channel setup

On the other hand, in addition to the classic soundbar function to enhance the audio spectacle of a television, the Sonos "Fury" could be used as a surround speaker -in a vertical position- to accompany a Sonos Arc soundbar within a multi-channel setup. The shape of the loudspeakers located at the ends of the Sonos "Fury", slightly inclined (see the 3D rendering of the product at the bottom of this news) could thus be used for the restitution of the Height channels of the Dolby Atmos technology (proposed by the Sonos Arc), with more happiness than from a Sonos One for example.

New True Wireless subwoofer and headphones at Sonos?

Namely, The Verge indicates that Sonos is also developing a new subwoofer (code name S37) and True Wireless headphones, without further details. On the other hand, The Verge specifies the marketing of the Sonos “Fury” is scheduled for June 7. Its official presentation should therefore be soon…