New PlayStation 5 from 2022?

The latest rumors suggest that a new PS5 will arrive as early as next year, but probably not a Pro version.

According to the hallway noise reported by the Extreme Tech site, Sony could launch as early as 2022 (second or third quarter) an “improved” PlayStation 5 equipped with an AMD processor engraved with the 6 nm process, instead of the 7 chip nm used on the current machine.

New chip but unchanged performance

The 6nm process offers a density 18% higher than that of the 7nm, which is a reduced size but without any improvement in execution speed or power consumption. Thus, this new version will most certainly not be a Pro version, especially since the PlayStation 4 Pro had only arrived three years after the release of the initial machine.

Reducing costs and increasing production

This new PS5 would therefore be released relatively quietly and its improved design would actually cut costs, given that analysts believe that Sony does not gain anything from the current PS5, and that the company even loses money on the Digital Edition.

The decrease in the production price of the processor would be linked to the optimization of the number of chips on the same wafer (the silicon wafers on which the chips are engraved), up thanks to a greater fineness of engraving ( 5 nm instead of 6 nm as a reminder). It will also allow Sony to have more processors produced and to respond more effectively to the PS5 shortage problem around the world. Provided, of course, in order not to displace the problem, that the availability of the other components of the PlayStation 5 console is ensured…