iPhone 15: “periscope” telephoto lens in sight

The 2023 iPhones could be the first to benefit from a photo sensor capable of optical zooms on a par with the competition.

Apple always takes its time to bring to the iPhone functions already available from the competition. For example Oled screens or the 120 hertz refresh rate. The telephoto lens of iPhones is thus still lagging behind, capable of an x3 optical zoom on the latest iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max, while the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, for example, goes up to x10.

iPhone 15 with periscope telephoto lens?

But that should change soon because - if we are to believe the Korean media The Elec - Apple has finally found a supplier for a periscope-type telephoto lens. The Korean company in question is called Jahwa and will be able to supply the components to Apple from the second quarter of 2023. This maximizes the chances of seeing this feature arrive on the iPhone 15.

Periscope telephoto lens, késako?

As a reminder, a periscope type lens has mirrors placed specifically to obtain a greater focal length without taking up too much space. It thus allows small devices such as smartphones to achieve more efficient optical zooms, without increasing the size of the photo module too much. Note that reputable analysts like Ming-Chi Kuo and Jeff Pu had already predicted that the periscope telephoto lens would arrive in 2023 on the iPhone 15 Pro.