nVidia Shield Experience 9.0.2 Update (Android 11): Multiple Bug Fixes

The Californian company nVidia offers the Shield Experience 9.0.2 update for its nVidia Shield Android TV multimedia boxes. Just to fix the host of bugs that accompanied the 9.0.1 update…

The American firm nVidia is still demonstrating its follow-up vis-à-vis its nVidia Shield TV multimedia boxes, which for a few hours has benefited from an update of the Android 11 operating system with version 9.0.2 of the operating system Shield Experience.

Namely, this update is available for all compatible decoders, i.e. all those ever released by the company since 2015 to the present day. To be honest, there's not much new to the program, mostly bug fixes and various user experience improvements.

Shield Experience 9.0.2 Update

Because, as usual, a multitude of bugs (around thirty identified) accompanied the Shield Experience 9.0.1 software. We list below the improvements made:

• Improvements

- Plex support for the latest Hauppauge WinTV-DualHD DVB-T tuner (Europe only)

- Added useful notifications when connecting or formatting devices from removable storage

• Archiving

- Improved file transfer speeds

- Fixed bug when copying files over LAN from Mac computers to removable storage on Shield

- Fixed a crash in data transfer from internal storage to external storage

- Fixed an issue where files copied over LAN do not appear until Shield is restarted

- Fixed an issue preventing the Dolphin emulator from writing to the Nas

- Fixed a bug displaying the SD card notification when launching applications

- Fixed 'an issue preventing the Documents UI from accessing folders on external storage

• Accessories

- Fixed a pairing issue with DualShock 3, Xbox One S, Xbox Series X/S and Switch Pro

- Fixed a bug where gamepads Xbox 360 sent numeric directional pad commands twice

- Fixed the bug that did not disconnect the Bluetooth headset in standby despite activating the relative option


- Fixed a bug that prevented AI scaling from changing in the Netflix app (Shield 2019 only)

- Fixed a bug where other apps were using the refresh rate set in Kodi

- Fixed an issue playing HDR Dolby Vision content when Shield is connected to Philips TVs

- The option has been added in developer options to use Rec.709 profile for HD video by default to improve color quality (may cause crashes in Apple TV+ or Paramount+ apps)

- Fixed stability issue audio over Bluetooth or USB headphones when Dolby Audio processing is enabled (Shield 2019 only)

- Fixed bug where surround mix stops working after playing Dolby audio streams

- Fixed audio issues when connecting a headset to the Shield 201 controller/gamepad 5


- Fixed some cases where the Shield would not go to sleep after a command received via HDMI CEC

• Miscellaneous

- Fixed a crash of Google Play Games (Shield 2015-2017)

- Fixed a bug when streaming on Twitch with nVidia Share

- Fixed fixed "Failed to insert database" bug when recording via nVidia Share

- Fixed screenshot issue in GeForce Now using nVidia Share

- Fixed an issue where the DVR function in the Channels app was not recording properly

- Fixed a bug in the Mouse Toggle app where the spin button was not detected

- Fixed a system-wide hang issue when returning to the home screen after being in Kodi with the 'sync frame rate' feature enabled

- Fixed a crash caused by database issues in apps such as CW, Atresplayer and SVT Play

- Fixed some localization issues with Canadian language

Unfortunately, according to many users who have already installed this update, some known issues still exist:

- Constant reconnection issues with the Xbox Elite controller

- L free space is reported incorrectly when using SM server

- AI upscaling not working when streaming GeForce Now HDR 1080p content

- Resolution is limited to 1080p when using ADB for screenshot

- Cannot access Google or Netflix when using restricted profile

- Change mapping (stretched vs black bars) 16:9 content to 16:10 display behavior from Shield Experience 8.2.3

- When refresh rate switch is enabled in network debug feature , pop-ups appear randomly asking for device permission on the network

- Di ffusion in NowTV

- Pairing and key mapping issues in Razer Serval Bluetooth Controller