Pilo, finally the solution to find sleep for sure?

Interesting smart vibrating cushion made in France, to help you de-stress and sleep better.

French invention, Pilo is the first intelligent cushion to help manage stress and insomnia. The device emits gentle, rhythmic vibrations to guide breathing. The user simply inhales when the vibration increases and exhales when it decreases. Basically, going with the flow and letting go of your thoughts…

Pause Purrs or meditation?

More precisely, the cushion is placed on the stomach and analyzes the breath to understand your emotional state and propose an adequate rhythm. It is also possible, via the Pilo mobile application (photo below), to choose a tailor-made session: sleep well, calm down quickly, stay zen, and purr. You can also add a soundscape according to your mood: nature sounds, storytelling and guided meditations.

“Pilo is the best of technology at the service of people,” explain Lucile Chabre and Guillaume Roche, CEO of Pilo. From the first use and in just a few minutes, it is possible to regain serenity, even in the event of intense stress”. Pilo will be distributed in the coming months after its successful crowdfunding campaign on Ulule. Current indicative price in its basic version: 129 euros.