Cinema film releases, still important for the big studios?

Despite a significant impact, the Covid-19 will not have had the skin of the cinema.

According to a recent study by the firm Ampere Analysis, the cinema continues to bring in money for the big Hollywood studios, despite the negative impact induced by the health crisis in the past years.

3 exit strategies compared

Ampere compared the three main movie distribution strategies in terms of revenue compared to the pre-Covid-19 period: theatrical release only, premium VOD release, and simultaneous SVOD/cinema release. It turns out that none really stands out.

Cinema release still at the top of the receipts

Based on 61 films, the revenue associated with each distribution choice turns out to be similar, showing that no one strategy is superior to the other. In each case, the share provided by cinema releases represents the majority of the money pocketed, confirming the relevance of theatrical distribution, even though the market is at half mast and the alternative options numerous.

Zoom in numbers

In detail, in 2021, the theatrical only release strategy brought in 54% of what it generated before the pandemic. This figure is 53% for VOD Premium, and 51% for an SVOD/cinema output. Source: Advanced Television