Foldable screen iPhone, not before 2025?

While it's been talked about a lot, the so-called foldable-screen iPhone (or iPad) isn't ready for sale yet.

A foldable screen iPhone currently being tested in Apple's offices? It is a certainty if we are to believe the rumors arriving regularly on this subject from different and concordant sources.

Foldable screen for a hybrid iPhone/iPad?

However, the existence of prototypes does not mean that the device is ready for the public, far from it. Or even that it will be marketed one day. According to a recent Tweet from Taiwanese analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, we will have to wait until at least 2025 to see such a product go on sale, whereas he was thinking rather of 2024 before. He further specifies that it could be either an iPad with a foldable screen, or an iPhone/iPad hybrid like the foldable models currently on sale at the competition.

Foldable screen 9'' (22.86 cm) in test?

According to Kuo, in the field of foldable development, Apple prioritizes medium-sized screens, followed by large and finally small. The company is currently testing a 9'' (22.86 cm) diagonal foldable touchscreen to test some key technologies.