What if Dyson made a Bluetooth speaker?

Interesting concept of what could be an enclosure imagined by the brand that revolutionized the technology of vacuum cleaners and fans.

Known for its household appliances, the Dyson brand recently presented the fruit of its first foray into the world of audio with a unique headset, integrating an air purifier.

Dyson Bluetooth speaker concept by Anatolii Sizov

Next step, the living room? Ukrainian industrial/automotive designer Anatolii Sizov has created a 3D Bluetooth speaker using Dyson's codes, starting with a hollow oval shape, reminiscent of the brand's bladeless fans. And to go even further, part of the device is transparent, revealing a ferrofluid, a liquid which becomes moving when an external magnetic field is applied, and which therefore moves hypnotically when the music produces its electromagnetic waves. Note that this 3D project was completed in just one week by the designer.