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Rotel C8 and Rotel C8: 8-channel/4-zone multiroom amplifiers

A well-known and recognized Japanese Hi-Fi manufacturer, Rotel has two new multizone amplifiers, the Rotel C8 and Rotel C8+, which will delight integrators or fans of a mutiroom audio configuration.

With the Rotel C8 and Rotel C8, the brand offers an old-fashioned multi-room sound system, that is to say wired, unlike the wireless solutions offered by Sonos or Bluesound. Both equipped with eight channels, hence their name, the Rotel C8 and Rotel C8+ can therefore supply four independent stereo zones.

Rotel C8 and Rotel C8+, ergonomics objective Note the ergonomics developed with, for example, the PA Override function which, if activated, automatically makes it possible to broadcast audio source A in all zones if the latter is selected. Similarly, the matrixing function allows you to assign any sound source to the desired zone. And to be complete on the subject, the Ethernet port and/or the RS-232C socket (not forgetting the 12V Trigger sockets) of the Rotel C8 Rotel C8+ offer the possibility of integrating them within an automated and controlled installation at using a home automation application or wall panels. Of course, less C8 and C8+ can be entirely and directly “controlled” from their front panel (display + buttons). And it's easy to rename the zones as you wish.

Clarification, if the Rotel C8 and Rotel C8+ adopt a standard 2U height (2 rack units) and the appropriate fixing cheeks for integration easy to use in a technical rack, these can be detached to take advantage of the amplifiers simply placed on a piece of furniture.

Rotel C8 and Rotel C8+, main specifications

The Rotel C8 and Rotel C8+ feature Class AB amplification based on an exclusive toroidal transformer, which delivers a respective power of 50 W (into 8 ohms) and 100 W (into 8 ohms) per channel and 140 W and 300 W (under 4 ohms) in "Briged" mode. In addition to power, the distinction between the C8 and C8+ lies in the connectors: to the four available stereo RCA analog inputs, the C8+ adds four digital inputs (two optical + two coaxial compatible up to 192 kHz/24 bits, see photos below). below). Last precision, the speaker connectors are detachable Phoenix type compatible with pre-wired installations and secured by screw locking mechanisms.

And if four zones were not enough for your happiness, Rotel specifies that it is possible to multiply the Rotel C8 and/or Rotel C8+, their construction with specific fan intended to evacuate the heat efficiently has been designed with this in mind.

Availability announced for the month of July. Indicative prices: €2,600 for the Rotel C8, €3,200 for the Rotel C8+.