8K video recording on iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, it's becoming clearer

Sometimes it's the size that counts, and the supposed enlargement of the photo sensors of the next iPhone should be accompanied by new video capture capabilities, up to 8K Ultra HD definition.

Reacting to the recent leak which showed the technical diagrams with the dimensions of the future iPhones for the next school year, the Taiwanese analyst Ming-Chi Kuo affirms that the enlargement of the photo module signals the arrival of a 48 Mpxls sensor on the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. A supposition already mentioned several times in the past, and which seems to be confirmed here.

iPhone 14 Pro/Pro Max, 8K lens

As a reminder, the main sensor of the iPhone 13 Pro is limited to 12 Mpxls and can record videos in Ultra HD 4K definition at most. A 48 Mpxls sensor will allow the iPhone 14 Pro / Pro Max to allow 8K UHD capture for video recording. While the photo module should grow by around 5% for each of its dimensions, Kuo adds that the image sensor will see its diagonal climb between 25% and 35%, and the height of the lens system will increase by 5%. at 10%.