Android TV 12 from 2022 with 4K interface, multiple display frequency, VRR, QMS…

Google confirmed it via a post on the blog dedicated to Android developers, Android TV 12 is finished and should be available on certain televisions from 2022. On the program, many new features to improve the quality of the display…

"Android 12 will start appearing on TVs later this year, so it's time to start evaluating your app's compatibility," said Paul Lammertsma, Senior Developer Relations Engineer at Google.

Android TV 12, display frequency switching

In the first place, we can mention an Ultra HD 4K user interface (against 1080p) which will delight our pupils. More interesting is the automatic management of the refresh rate switching. This means that it will be possible, for better fluidity and image stability, to impose on the television which have the possibility of switching between various display frequencies. For example, with 24fps content, a 48Hz or even 120Hz display will be allowed. Ditto for content natively 25 Hz or 30 hertz.

Android TV 12, VRR and QMS management

Similarly, VRR and QMS compatibility (see our HDMI 2.1 standard news, welcome official additions, technical and ergonomic) will also be available via Android TV 12 on televisions equipped with the appropriate functionalities. The goal is to switch from one refresh rate to another transparently for the user, and quickly, that is to say without a black screen between two distinct display rates.

Android TV 12, adjustable screen text size

Another big addition in Android TV 12 is the ability to adjust the size of on-screen text. A welcome option for the visually impaired or the elderly whose vision would come to decline.

Of course, Android TV 12 will also include multiple security updates, in particular to maintain the confidentiality of user data, or to ensure the correction of various bugs.