LG S95QR: 9.1.5 soundbar, Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, AirPlay 2, Hi-Res Audio, 880 W, Wi-Fi and HDMI 2.1

Return to the LG S95QR soundbar unveiled by the Korean manufacturer in December 2021, a few weeks before the opening of the CES show in Las Vegas 2022. To discover its indicative price and some details in terms of specifications.

9.1.5 audio system, the LG S95QR comes in the form of a sound bar with a classic design, 1.2 m long, 6.3 cm high and 13.5 cm deep, accompanied a wireless subwoofer (20 cm boom) and two surround speakers, also wireless.

LG S95QR, Center Up-Firing Speaker

As specified during its presentation last December, the big evolution offered by the LG S95Q lies in an additional central Up-Firing speaker, for a total of three on the soundbar, to which must be added two other HP suitable for surrounds.

LG S95QR, main specs

In addition to Dolby Atmos/DTS:X compatibility, the technical specifications of the LG S95QY mention Class D amplification delivering a total power of 880 W, Imax Enhanced certification, sound diffusion at 135° for the surround speakers , a more stable wireless connection for enhanced audio quality, not to mention the exclusive Meridian Horizon technology capable of converting a stereo signal up to 7.1.

New this year, the management of the Music mode is changing: in the presence of a stereo signal, only two channels (right and left) of the soundbar will be automatically implemented and not all the channels. Of course, it is still possible to extend the stereo signal as desired. And to finish with the stereo chapter, the LG Q95QR is certified Hi-Res Audio (96 kHz/24 bits).

Namely, the surround speakers offer a 4.0.2 configuration. They therefore each incorporate two speakers side by side with direct radiation at an open angle (135°) and two HP Up-Firing for the Height surround channels.

AI Sound Pro function, voice assistants and connectivity

The AI Sound Pro function directly from the brand's televisions is present. This means that the settings made in real time by the TV depending on the nature of the signal are transmitted to the sound bar for even better sound reproduction. Likewise, an AI calibration of the room is on the program to perfectly adapt the sound to the acoustics of the room.

We can still point out support for the main music streaming platforms plus voice control with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. To mention again, the AirPlay 2 and Bluetooth functionalities, not to mention the possibility of connecting the optional Wi-Fi Wowcast module for a wireless association with a compatible television. Namely, the transfer of the audio signal between the TV and the Wowcast module is not compressed and it is ensured up to 7.1.4. Precision, the LG Wowcast module, a wireless eARC add-on in fact, works with all LG Wi-Fi soundbars, so it can be associated with a model of the year. It should even work with all Wi-Fi TVs associated with a suitable LG soundbar, but that has yet to be confirmed.


The HDMI 2.1 connection (2 inputs/1 output) of the LG S95QR manages the eARC, VRR and ALLM functions. The same goes for the management of HDR10 and HDR Dolby Vision. On the other hand, 4K/120 compatibility is not required. For completeness, there is also an optical input

Availability announced for the month of April. Indicative price: 1,699 euros.

Reminder of the key features of the LG S95QR:

• Type: soundbar

• System: 9.1.5

• Amplification: Class D

• Total power: 880 W

• Subwoofer: external wireless

• Meridian Horizon technology

• Bluetooth compatibility

• Wi-Fi compatibility

• AirPlay 2 compatibility

• HDR10 compatibility

• HDR Dolby Vision compatibility

• 4K Pass-Trought function

• ALLM function

• AI Sound Pro function

• Meridian Horizon function

• VRR function

• eARC function

• Inputs: 2 HDMI 2.1, 1 optical

• Output(s): 1 HDMI 2.1

• Dolby Atmos decoder

• DTS decoder :X

• Voice assistants: Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa

• Hi-Res Audio certification

• Imax Enhanced certification

• Dimensions (W x H x D, mm): 1 200 x 63 x 135 for the bar