Increase in Netflix prices in the United Kingdom, when in France?

The Netflix video streaming platform is raising its prices (again) in one of its biggest markets.

After the USA at the start of the year, Netflix has just announced an increase in the price of its subscriptions in the United Kingdom, the largest market for the streaming platform behind the United States.

Netflix subscription, no increase in France in 2022?

The Essential and Standard options thus increase by one pound (€1.19), while the Premium takes 2 pounds. By the way, it's +1 € for the Essential in Ireland, and +2 € for the Standard and Premium. Knowing that 18 months have passed since the last increase in the United Kingdom, and that 15 months have passed between the last two increases in the United States, France should be spared this year, knowing that the last increase has had place with us in August 2021.

So let's get ready to have to spend more from 2023.