LG QNED 2022 Ultra HD 4K/8K TV: 15 updates indicative prices

The indicative prices of QNED LG 2022 TVs, therefore of Mini LED obedience, presented at the CES show in Las Vegas 2022 in early January are now known.

LG Electronics took advantage of its LG Convention 2022 event, which took place in early March in Frankfurt, to unveil all the prices for its TV range, Oled, QNED (Mini LED), NanoCell and LCD models, Ultra models 4K HD and 8K UHD.

Caution, again, on the available QNED LG TV rates…

Please note, the prices provided by the Korean brand on this occasion are above all valid for Germany, there is no doubt that some will be different within each European country in a range between 100 € and up to 250 € if we judge by the dissimilarities observed between France and Germany during the launches of the LG TV range in previous years. However, they allow us to have a relatively precise idea of the positioning of each reference.

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As a reminder, the range of QNED LG 2022 televisions has four TV series, seven taking into account the design versions of different color or foot types. Only the LG QNED99 TV series scheduled for the second half of the year has not been mentioned by the brand: the prices of these screens are therefore still unknown. While waiting to continue our presentation of each of them through a dedicated and detailed news item, we give you the prices for each model below.

• LG QNED81/82 (Ultra HD 4K)

- €999 for the LG 50QNED81/82 (expected availability in March)

- €1,299 for the LG 55QNED81/82 (expected availability in March)

- €1,599 for the LG 65QNED81/82 (expected availability in March)

- €2,299 for the LG 75QNED81/82 (expected availability in March)

- 3,499 € for the LG 85QNED81 (expected availability in March)

• LG QNED86/87 (Ultra HD 4K)

- €1,599 for the LG 55QNED86/87 (expected availability in June)

- €1,999 for the LG 65QNED86/87 (availability expected in May)

- €2,899 for the LG 75QNED86/87 (expected availability in May)

- €4,099 for the LG 85QNED86 (expected availability in June)

• LG QNED90/91 (Ultra HD 8K)

- €2,499 for the LG 65QNED91 (expected availability in May)

- €3,799 for the LG 75QNED91 (expected availability in May)

- €5,699 for the LG 85QNED91 (expected availability in June)

As you can see, the LG QNED 2022 TV prices are therefore significantly higher than those of the 2021 ranges, with for some a substantial increase in price. To be confirmed in a few days/weeks when French prices will be available.