Samsung foldable smartphone… in “L” shape?

A patent filed by Samsung shows the – let’s say “original – directions that the manufacturer is exploring for its future smartphones.

Filed by Samsung in 2021 and recently published, a patent unearthed and illustrated by the Dutch site Let's Go Digital describes a new way of implementing foldable screens for smartphones.

Samsung, next “L” foldable smartphone?

At first glance, the mobile is all that is most normal, except for a small screen at the back, next to the photo sensors arranged in a vertical row. And that little screen has the particularity of being one with the main front screen, folding back around the edge in Closed mode, and giving the main screen an "L" shape when unfolded. . As always, pictures speak louder than words and we invite you to look at the photos accompanying this article to better understand.

The patent explains that the hinge placed under the screen has the particularity of being very solid. Indeed, we can imagine that such a device, as original, would have difficulty in resisting too abrupt use. And let's not even talk about the falls...