Denon DHT-S517 soundbar review, online

The manufacturer Denon has had success with its previous soundbars, a relatively recent product family in the brand's catalogue. Inevitably, the new models are expected at the turn. This is the case of the Denon DHT-S517, a Dolby Atmos compatible model, at a very affordable price, the performance of which we wanted to check.

An extremely simple soundbar with an external wireless subwoofer, the Denon DHT-S517's main objective is to enhance the poor sound reproduction offered by the vast majority of televisions.

Denon DHT-S517, sound bar and Hi-Fi system

And also to replace the classic mini Hi-Fi system which until recently reigned supreme in many homes via its Bluetooth function, to enjoy music stored on a device: smartphone, tablet, computer, game console, etc. All with an unprecedented quality-price ratio.

How does it actually perform? Answer to discover in our complete test of the Denon DHT-S517 soundbar by clicking on the following link: Denon DHT-517