TCL Ultra Flex, foldable smartphone… in both directions!

TCL took advantage of the Mobile World Congress 2022 show held last week in Barcelona to unveil a smartphone concept whose screen can bend both inwards and outwards.

In the relatively young sector of smartphones with foldable screens, there are two camps: the screen closes inwards Samsung-style, or exposes itself outside Huawei-style.

TCL Ultra Flex, double-sided folding

In the first case the device requires a small additional screen when it is folded up, whereas in the second the problem arises of the vulnerability of a screen thus perpetually exposed. On the occasion of the last Mobile World Congress 2022 show, TCL reconciled these two visions with a concept of a smartphone capable of folding in one direction as well as the other. The manufacturer does not come from nowhere since - as a manufacturer of screens - it has been trying out various innovative technologies for smartphones for a while.

TCL Ultra Flex, the secret in the accordion hinge

Named TCL Ultra Flex, this prototype thus has an “accordion” hinge capable of folding 360° in one direction or the other. However, it remains to improve the solidity of the screens, knowing that repeated bending puts them to the test, especially if they are made on both sides. Photos: Yankodesign