Nintendo Switch 2/Switch Pro: Features in the wild

A recent nVidia leak gives an idea of the features of Nintendo's next console commonly referred to as Switch Pro.

More than 1 TB of information was stolen from processor manufacturer nVidia following a major hack.

Nintendo Switch Pro processor seen at nVidia?

Among the “leaked” data, hackers have found what appears to be the characteristics of Nintendo's next console, a Switch 2 or the Switch Pro already mentioned in previous rumors. The graphics processor of this console would thus be an nVidia Ampere, compatible Ray Tracing and DLSS 2.2. The files also refer to the custom T234/T239 processors attributed to Nintendo. Without going into details, this new machine would thus have capabilities offered by the RTX 2050 graphics card.

Note that these features are probably temporary, or correspond to a canceled version of the console. Nintendo's next machine could therefore be much more powerful in the end. Source: wccftech