Apple TV Orders Metropolis Series From Mr. Robot Creator

The Apple TV+ platform has just ordered from the creator of Mr. Robot, Sam Esmail, a series with a very evocative name for all cinephiles, Metropolis.

The creator of Mr. Robot will therefore tackle the serial adaptation of Fritz Lang's silent classic from 1927, Metropolis.

Metropolis in Ridley Scott's Blade Runner

In 1926, Fritz Lang and his wife (Thea von Harbou, who would become one of the pillars of German cinema during the Third Reich) imagine life in a large metropolis of the 21st century. On one side, a handful of rich people living in the upper part of the city, on the other, hordes of workers and poor people confined to the underground and forced to ensure the smooth running of Metropolis. An android will lead the workers to revolt.

Lang's last film before his exile to the United States, this pharaonic dystopia which takes place in 2026 and which cost 7 million marks at the time, can be considered the mother of cinematographic SF. The design of the skyscrapers (inspired in Lang by a trip to New York two years earlier), the scale of the staging and the vision of the future make this film a unique and premonitory work that will mark generations of filmmakers, from Heroic Fantasy to Space Opera to Ridley Scott for Blade Runner.

Back to Thea Von Harbou's novel

To give more flesh to the series imagined by Sam Esmail, its authors will return to the sources of the story and will directly readapt the eponymous novel by Thea Von Harbou, the wife of Fritz Lang. Sam Esmail and Chad Hamilton will serve as executive producers for the series. Source: Deadline