Steven Spielberg will make a new Bullitt

Steven Spielberg's next film (West Side Story) may be a new original film based on the character of Bullitt played by Steeve McQueen in the eponymous 1968 film.

But for Steven Spielberg and his screenwriter Josh Singer (Spotlight, The Post), it will be a question of imagining a new film, a new story with the character of Frank Bullitt, lieutenant of the San Francisco police.

Mute witness

Adapted from the Robert L. Fish novel, Mute Witness, the original Warner film starred Bullitt, a police lieutenant tasked by an ambitious politician with protecting Johnny Ross, a gangster whose testimony is crucial in a trial where the politician is involved. Despite the precautions taken by Bullitt and his men, Ross is seriously injured, then finished off in his hospital bed. Bullitt then realizes that the victim is not the real Ross…

The incredible chase through the streets of San Francisco

The 1968 film directed by Peter Yates is best remembered for its incredible car chase through the streets of San Francisco. At the wheel of the 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback, Steeve McQueen himself set off in pursuit of two dangerous criminals aboard a Dodge Charger RT, all preceded by one of Lalo Schifrin's best scores. This pursuit of anthology has even prompted Ford to pay homage to the film and to Steven McQueen by regularly offering limited series, versions of the car used in the film soberly renamed Mustang Bullitt.

Even though the movie Spielberg is preparing isn't a remake, we hope there will be a Mustang chase in the movie. It would still be the minimum dream. Source: Deadline