Big growth in Oled TV sales in 2021, LG champion

While TV sales fell last year, Oled technology did well.

According to figures from Omdia (via Korea Herald), 213 million TVs were sold worldwide in 2021, the lowest figure since 2010. In terms of sales, Samsung leads the dance, followed by LG, Sony, TCL and Hisense.

Oled TV market 2021, +80%

As for the Oled television sector - comprising around twenty brands - it has grown by 80% compared to 2020, to reach 6.5 million units sold in 2021. According to Omdia, this figure should reach 8 million in 2022. OLED televisions should even represent 42% of sales in the high-end segment (models above $1,500) this year, a larger share than last year.

Oled TV market 2021, LG arch-leader

LG Electronics is the leader in the Oled sector with a market share of 62%. The Korean distributed 4.04 million Oled TVs in 2021 - twice as many as in 2020 - with even a record 1.41 million in the fourth quarter.