55% of Americans equipped with Smart TV

Connected TVs consolidate their position as the preferred device for enjoying video streaming at home.

According to a recent study by Parks Associates (via Advanced Television), 55% of broadband homes in the United States have a Smart TV, making the device the default platform for streaming content.

Over to Éric Sorensen Park Associates

“Rapid market changes over the past two years, combined with ever-changing user preferences, have forced device and service providers to adapt almost daily,” says Eric Sorensen of Park Associates. The standard now is to provide the desired content so that the user can enjoy it where he wants, when he wants, and how he wants”.

Smart TV acclaimed by consumers

Parks Associates expects Smart TVs to cement their position as the preferred streaming platform in 2022. Users increasingly prioritize access to all of their available entertainment through a single device as Smart TVs become less expensive and increasingly ergonomic.