Disney leader in the SVOD market, ahead of Netflix, in 2028?

The global SVOD market is expected to grow by 550 million subscribers between 2021 and 2027 to reach 1.75 billion, according to the SVOD Forecasts Update report from analyst firm Digital TV Research. China and the United States together are expected to account for 48% of the global total by 2027.

“China and the United States had a similar number of gross subscriptions at the end of 2021, notes Simon Murray, principal analyst at Digital TV Research. Due to government pressure, China's growth is slowing, with 374 million subscriptions expected by 2027. The United States will continue to grow, with 456 million subscriptions expected by 2027.”

Three US platforms will account for 50% of world subscriptions in 2027

Also according to Digital TV Research, three platforms based in the United States will control half of the SVOD subscriptions in the world by 2027. Despite its maturity, Netflix would add 60 million subscribers to its portfolio between 2021 and 2027. Disney+ would overtake Netflix in terms of subscriptions in 2028 after garnering 146 million subscribers between 2021 and 2027 to bring its total to 276 million. Namely, in 2027, approximately 106 million Disney+ subscribers will be located in the 13 Asian countries under the Hotstar brand.

HBO Max would add 65 million subscribers to its lineup in the next few years for a total of 90 million by 2027. In that time frame, Paramount+ (including SkyShowtime) would add 55 million additional subscribers to reach 88 million by 2027.