Soon 3 new Hitchcocks in 4K Ultra HD at Universal

The Fifth Column (1942), Shadow of a Doubt (1943), But Who Killed Henry? (1955), three films by the master of suspense were announced at Universal in May in 4K Ultra HD.

Three films perhaps less famous than Rear Window, Cold Sweats or The Birds, but which also left an indelible mark on film noir and cinema.

The fifth column (Saboteur in VO)

The final duel in The Fifth Column atop the Statue of Liberty is one of Hitchcock's most famous images. At the end of a panting crossover across the United States, Robert Cummings, an aeronautical worker wrongly accused of sabotage, unmasks an assassin. This finale, which has become famous, will be taken up in Death by Northwest where Gary Grant and Eva Marie Saint fight against Martin Landau, clinging to the faces of American presidents.

Shadow of a Doubt

Whenever asked to choose his favorite movie from his extensive filography, Hitch would tirelessly reply, "Shadow of a Doubt." Made in 1943, this film contains most of the motifs dear to the director of Psychosis: the peaceful little town which reveals its cracks, the fascination for the villain (Joseph Cotten, in the role of Uncle Charile, gives an unforgettable performance), and the family as the place of all vices. When he lands in Santa Rosa at his sister's house, Charlie, an assassin of rich widows, seduces those around him, starting with his niece (Teresa Wright) who very quickly worships him. A remarkable film.

But who killed Harry? (The Trouble with Harry)

In all of Alfred Hitchcock's films, this film represents a humorous breath, a minor work that plays with the codes of suspense (by dint of wondering who could have killed Harry, all the inhabitants of a village end up feel responsible). A nice film to rediscover absolutely during May in 4K UHD at Universal through three distinct editions (no box set announced for the moment).