The Witcher 3 in 8K, enchanting!

Already visually impressive, The Witcher 3 game steps up a gear with an 8K Ultra HD version concocted by crazy modifiers.

After a first attempt last year, YouTube channel Digital Dreams is once again offering an 8K Ultra HD version of The Witcher 3 game, developed by CD Projekt Red and originally released in 2007.

The Witcher-3 in 8K

This Ultra HD 8K edition runs on a PC with generous specs: Asus Prime x470-Pro motherboard, Ryzen 9 3900x processor at 4.5 GHz, 32 GB of Corsair Vengeance Ram memory, and of course the latest Asus TUF graphics card RTX 3090. This new render leverages over a hundred mods (modification programs), including the Phoenix Lighting Mod 2 and Beyond all Limits.

ReShade Beyond all Limits for Ray Tracing

The ReShade Beyond all Limits rendering application is used to simulate Ray Tracing, a 3D rendering technique that traces the path of light and simulates its effects when it comes into contact with objects in a scene, offering a striking result and realism.