What does Star Wars have in store for us in 2022? (and after)

As The Book of Boba Fett concludes, a quick recap of the Star Wars series (yes, still no film in 2022) that you can see this year on Disney+.

Fans of the Star Wars universe still won't have a new movie to check out this year, but with the success of The Mandalorian and a Boba Fett Book (a little soft in the knee but still okay), they know that now it's on the small screen that it's happening, and more precisely on Disney+.

New Star Wars movies and series until 2025

Here is the list of series that await us in 2022 and beyond (and then some movies too anyway…):

• Obi-Wan Kenobi (series) - May 25 on Disney+

• Andor (series) - Summer 2022 on Disney+

• The Mandalorian season 3 - End of 2022 on Disney+

• Boba Fett's book season 2 - Release date not set

• Rangers of the New Republic (series) - Possibly canceled

• Ahsoka (series) - In pre-production

• The Acolyte (series) - In development

• Lando (series) - In development

• Star Wars: Rogue Squadron (film) - Release date postponed (initially 2023)

• A Droid Story (animated series) - In development

• Star Wars by Taika Waititi (film) - Release: December 2025 (TBC)

• Star Wars by Kevin Feige, CEO of Marvel Studios (film) - Release: date unknown