Philips Fidelio T1 review, True Wireless headphones, online

Absent from the audio market for a time, the Philips brand returned to the fore in 2020 with several new headphones and sound bars. At the end of 2021, it offered its first True Wireless earphones with active noise reduction, the Philips Fidelio T1, tested in our columns today.

With the Fidelio T1 headphones, Philips takes another step in its programmed return to the audio world, a sector in which the brand has written history several times (co-inventor of the audio CD with Sony and the Fidelio higher performance).

Philips, back in favor on the audio market

After a few years of scarcity due to a deteriorating financial situation, Philips' ambitions are once again very present and the brand intends to maintain its rank. For this, Philips must imperatively restore its image and offer products that are if not iconic, at least striking. True Wireless headphones are undeniably one of them. After a few teething problems (unsuccessful application for example), the Fidelio T1 intras offer a sound experience close to a supra-aural or circumaural headset. A feat for this type of material.

Philips Fidelio T1,True Wireless two way

With a two-way design and a unique design (see photo above), the Philips Fidelio T1 immediately stand out from the production of the moment. It remained to verify through a test bench their performance and their ergonomics, on a daily basis. To find out all about our test of Philips in-ear headphones, click on the following link: Philips Fidelio T1.