iPad Oled in 2024? Come on, we believe it

The years pass and the Apple tablet still does not have its Oled screen. But rumors swear it's coming soon.

Be aware, at the end of 2015 there were already rumors about the abandonment of LCD screen technology in favor of OLED for Apple's iPad. Almost seven years already…

2024, the good year for the iPad Oled with LG Display?

Since then, not a year has passed without rumors continuing to abound in this direction. It is therefore no surprise that the Korean media The Elec recently revealed that LG Display was preparing to reconfigure its production lines to supply OLED screens to future iPads from 2024.

2023, the good year for the iPad Oled with Samsung Display?

While the hinted schedule for LG Display would aim to market Oled iPads in 2024, other rumors see the first Oled iPads arriving in 2023, with screens provided by Samsung Display.