Oppo Air Glass, augmented reality glasses

The Chinese manufacturer Oppo presented its very first model of augmented reality glasses which will be released in 2022, the Air Glass.

In the first quarter of 2022, Oppo will launch its very first model of augmented reality glasses, the Oppo Air Glass, in China. This has the particularity of only being active on one of the two glasses, making it more of an augmented reality monocle than glasses.

Oppo Air Glass, main specs

Weighing only around 30g, the Air Glass is equipped with a proprietary microprojector, the most compact on the market with its minimum size of 0.5 cubic cm. The screen is a micro-LED specimen, backed by five high-transparency glass lenses, for a brightness of 3 million nits. The device is used with the Smart Glass app on the Oppo Watch 2 and with any Oppo smartphone with ColorOS 11.

Oppo Air Glass, useful functions and sensory navigation

Interesting functions are possible via a range of applications including programs developed by Oppo: Weather, Calendar, Health, Teleprompter, Translation and Navigation. Special mention for the teleprompter, a sort of invisible cheat sheet for public speeches, for example. As for navigation, it is done through four different types of interactions: touch, voice, head gestures and hand movements.

Oppo Air Glass, the floor to Levin Liu, vp and head of the Oppo Research Institute

“Oppo has been exploring the world of augmented reality for a long time. With Oppo Air Glass, we have succeeded in creating a glass product that is truly within the user's reach,” said Levin Liu, vice president and head of Oppo's Research Institute. As its futuristic design may suggest, Oppo Air Glass is set to revolutionize the way we view information with its screen that presents the key messages we need right before our eyes. With them, the world will never be the same! »