Huawei Watch GT Runner, new connected watch for runners

A few days ago, the Chinese manufacturer presented its first connected watch intended for regular and even professional runners, the Hauwei Watch GT Runner.

The Huawei Watch GT Runner is a connected watch that is intended as a coach for runners who take their sporting activity seriously. Via the Huawei TruSee 5.0+ system, it provides advanced heart rate monitoring, with precise dynamic pulse and oxygen saturation measurement.

Huawei Watch GT Runner, TruSport with Running Ability Index

Dual-band GNSS localization method can observe the trajectory of the race accurately ensuring accurate localization. Note also the Huawei TruSport system which provides in-depth analyzes by giving an overview of personal data such as the intensity of the effort, its volume and the recovery time. TruSport also allows to define the Running Ability Index (RAI) in order to evaluate the performance of the user.

Huawei Watch GT Runner, lightness objective

The Huawei Watch GT Runner is made with ultra-light and resistant materials such as polymer fibers for the case (which weighs only 38.5 g). The dial is ultra-lightweight ceramic with a titanium alloy crown. The bracelet is for its part in antibacterial silicone. Finally, note that the storage space can store more than 500 pieces of music. Available in black and grey. Indicative price: 299.99 euros.