It's done, the Nintendo Switch overtakes the Wii

Previously Nintendo's best-selling console, the Wii is giving way to the most recent Switch.

Nintendo recently published the latest sales figures for its consoles and this is how we learn that the Switch sold 103.54 million units worldwide as of December 31, 2021, therefore exceeding the previous title holder, the Wii and its 101.6 million copies sold over its entire lifespan. A great achievement, especially given the recent shortages of electronic components affecting the console market, among others.

Nintendo king of portable consoles

Even if the Switch is the Nintendo family's best-selling home console, it is still far from the portable champions GameBoy (118.69 million) and Nintendo DS (154.02 million). If the comparison may seem unfair, remember that the Switch (and in particular the Lite version) can also serve as a portable console.

PS2, still queen of home consoles

Note that the Switch also exceeds the PlayStation 1 (102.4 million), but still remains behind the PS4 (116.4 million) and far behind the title holder PS2 (155 million). It now remains to be seen whether by the end of her commercial career, she will manage to impose herself at the top of the rankings...