Samsung semiconductor champion in 2021

Semiconductor market revenue saw record growth in 2021, and Samsung is the new champion.

According to Gartner estimates, global semiconductor market revenue grew by 25.1% in 2021, reaching $583.5 billion, surpassing the mark for the first time. 500 billion annually.

The word to Andrew Norwood of Gartner

“As the global economy rebounded in 2021, shortages emerged in the semiconductor supply chain, particularly in the automotive sector,” says Andrew Norwood of Gartner. The resulting combination of strong demand and rising commodity prices drove up the average selling price of semiconductors, contributing to overall growth in 2021.” The 5G smartphone market also helped boost revenue, with twice as many devices produced in 2021 (555 million) compared to 2020.

Samsung N°1, Intel exceeded

In 2021, Samsung Electronics is the biggest seller of semiconductors for the first time since 2018, growing 31.6%. Intel drops to second place with a weak growth of 0.5%, the lowest growth rate of any Top 25 vendor.