2022 TV market: 217 million units expected, up 3.4%

While the TV market shows a drop in volumes of 3.2% in 2021 to reach 210 million units, following a prosperous year 2020 linked to the health crisis and its multiple confinements, it should experience according to the analysis firm TrendForce a more or less equivalent increase in 2022 (3.4%) with a forecast of 217 million.

After a sluggish 2021, with in particular a sluggish second half in terms of TV sales, the market research and analysis firm TrenFroce estimates that the TV market in 2022 should therefore pick up with an increase in sales of 3.4%.

Voices over to Iris Hu, Head of Research at TrendForce

“The proportion of diagonals smaller than 39'' (99 cm) inches will remain at 25%, medium-sized panels from 40'' to 59'' will remain at 55% and large-sized panels above 60 '' will remain the focus of international brands with a market share expected to reach 20%. Benefiting from the postponement of demand for small screens, TV sales in 2022 will increase by 3.4% to reach 217 million units,” wrote Iris Hu, head of research at TrendForce.

Oled TVs and Mini LED LCD TVs

TrendForce reports that shipments of Oled TVs increased by 70% last year to reach 6.7 million units. They are expected to grow by 27% in 2022, an increase significantly higher than that of the total television market. For their part, Mini LED LCD TV sales reached 2.1 million, still according to TrendForce and they should more than double in 2022 with a target of 4.5 million units.

Samsung QD Oled/QD-Display, stimulation of the Oled TV market?

TrendForce also indicates that one of the driving factors for Oled TV sales in 2022 is none other than Samsung's launch of QD Oled/QD-Display TVs (see our CES 22 news > UHD 4K QD-Display TV). Samsung 65'' Display: QD Oled technology and already winner of a CES 2022 Best of Innovation Award) based on Samsung Display technology and possibly their Woled TV range (based on LG Display panels). Iris Hu adds, “If Samsung Electronics fails to launch its spring OLED TV models, its original target of 1.5 million units for 2022 will inevitably be affected. However, whether it launches Oled TV models in spring or summer, Samsung Electronics will leverage the advantages of its brand and global distribution network to carve out a foothold in the Oled TV market and aim for the first year a 15% market share”.