CES 22 > Flex G, Flex S, Flex Slidable… Samsung brings out the big game of foldable Oleds

Samsung took advantage of the CES show in Las Vegas 2022 to once again present its cohort of foldable and rollable screens (see our news Oled Samsung Innovations: foldable smartphone in three, under-screen camera, and more (video) which will arrive one day soon on smartphones, computers and even speakers.

Pioneer of the foldable screen smartphone, Samsung is actively working to make these screens even more interesting to not only impress the public but also to grow a market that is still relatively niche. A brief overview of the new foldable Oled technologies presented by the Korean manufacturer at the last CES.

Samsung Flex G and Samsung Flex S

We start with the Flex G and Flex S (see video below), foldable tablets in three sections to form a smartphone. The first has the particularity of folding back on itself to completely protect the screen when closed, while the second folds in an S-shape, leaving part of the screen visible when it is folded (practical for a smartphone so).

Samsung Flex Slidable and Samsung AI Speaker with expandable cylindrical screen

Then comes the Flex Slidable (click for the video), a smartphone with a retractable portion on the side. This extension can for example be used to display application shortcuts and other media playback controls. Finally, an astonishing concept with this cylindrical enclosure (click for the video and cf. photo above)) wrapped in a flexible screen. Not bad for a start, but this screen can then unfold to form a 12'' (30.5 cm) display on a stand. Attractive.