House for cats…Stranger Things

While waiting for the fourth season of the famous Netflix series, quench your thirst for SF Eighties by entertaining your felines.

We are at a point where the reason no longer exists when it comes to derivatives. Past the mugs and other video games, there are no longer any rules, as this little house for cats stamped Stranger Things proves. But not just any house since it takes the form of an old arcade machine, a reference to the Palace Arcade game room in the Netflix series.

Chat then


Made of cardboard and therefore easy to assemble yourself without tools, the house has a scraper and can accommodate two felines. And as if that weren't strange enough, know that there is a Demogorgon version in the same range (your cat will therefore find itself in the mouth of a monstrous creature, that's it), and a Christmas sweater version. The proof in pictures, below.

As for the fourth season of the series, it is coming this year. When exactly ? The mystery remains.