CES 22 > Mini LED TV LG QNED80/82, LG QNED86/87, LG QNED90/91 and LG QNED99: from 50'' to 86''

A few weeks after the closing of the CES show in Las Vegas 2022, a look back at the LG QNED TV range equipped with a Mini LED backlight system. Finally, four series are on the program, and not five, and we now know the details of the diagonals offered by each of them.

The QNED 2022 TV range is therefore based on four TV series, with the LG QNED99 with Ultra HD 8K obedience, and the LG QNED80/82, LG QNED88/87 and LG QNED90/91 equipped with an Ultra LCD panel HD 4K.

TV LG QNED 2022, detail on backlight systems and diagonals

As hinted at in our previous news on the subject (see our CES 22 news > LG QNED85, LG QNED90, LG QNED95 and LG QNED99 Mini LED TVs: from 65'' to 86''), despite their name, TVs LG QNED80/82 does not have a Mini LED backlight system but LED Edge. In the end, the QNED TV range (for Quantum Nano Emitting Diode) therefore has three Mini LED series.

QNED Mini LED LG TV, zoom on TV series

The LG QNED 2022 TV range therefore consists of the following series:

• LG QNED99 Mini LED 8K Ultra HD TV:

- LG 65QNED99 (65'', 165 cm)

- LG 75QNED99 (75'', 191cm)

- LG 86QNED99 (86'', 218cm)

• LG QNED90/91 Mini LED 8K Ultra HD TV (depending on leg design):

- LG 65QNED90/91 (65'', 165 cm)

- LG 75QNED90/91 ( 75'', 191cm)

- LG 86QNED90/91 (86'', 218cm)

• LG QNED86/87 Mini LED 4K Ultra HD TV (depending on the design of the feet):

- LG 55QNED90/91 (45'', 140 cm)

- LG 65QNED90/91 ( 65'', 165 cm)

;- LG 75QNED90/91 (75'', 191 cm)

- LG 86QNED90/91 (86'', 218 cm)

• LG QNED80/82 Mini LED 4K Ultra HD TV (depending on leg design):

- LG 50QNED80/82 (50'', 127 cm)

- LG 55QNED80/82 ( 55'', 140 cm)

- LG 65QNED80/82 (65'', 165 cm)

- LG 75QNED80/82 (75'', 191 cm)

- LG 86QNED80/82 (86'', 216cm)

50 Hz or 100 Hz LCD panels and Mini blue LEDs

Namely, LG QNED82/82, LG QNED86/87 and LG QNED90/91 series are equipped with 50Hz IPS panels, while LG QNED99 is based on 100Hz native IPS LCD panel. The Full LED Local Dimming backlight is based on Mini blue LEDs and the technology called Quantum Dot NanoCell Color. This combines, for the purpose of richer and more accurate colors, the use of Quantum Dots technology (i.e. the nano-crystals at the heart of QLED diffusers) and the exclusive NanoCell+ process announced by LG as an evolution of NanoCell, without more details. FYI, the LG 86QNED99 TV has 2400 zones.

Alpha 7/Alpha 9 Gen 5 processor and WebOS 22

For the rest, we also know that the Alpha 9 Gen 5 processor (see our CES 22 news > New Alpha 9 Gen 5 processor for LG Oled TV and QNED Mini LED) powers LG QNED99 televisions while LG QNED80/ 82, LG QNED86/87 and LG QNED90/91 feature the Alpha 7 Gen 5 chip. are Wi-Fi 6 compatible.

To come back to the capabilities of the Alphae 9 Gen 5 processor, note that it operates Tone Mapping Pro processing on 5,000 zones, with a distinction between the foreground and the background, in order to to give more textures and relief to the image, in search of an 8 image feeling, therefore natural 3D Important in 2022, the Alpha 9 Gen 5 is the only one to have the Dolby HDR function Vision IQ Precision Detail (except on LG QNED80/82 TVs which are not HDR DOly Vision compatible) is dedicated to optimizing contrasts and displaying details in dark areas of the image (a recurring weakness of Woled technology ).

TV LG QNED 2022, the main specifications

Finally, without further details as to the models concerned, some of these screens also benefit from HDMI 2.1 connectors (no precision not even more as to their number on each of the series) with the management of the ALLM, VRR, 4K/120 and eARC functions. ker, the Game Dashboard / Optimizer menu, AirPlay 2 compatibility, HomeKit, Google Stadia and GeForce Now are required. The new LG LCD models will also be delivered with WebOS 22 (see our CES 22 news > Smart TV LG 2022: new WebOS 22 interface).

The Always Ready functionality is also present: it displays works of art or allows the user to interact vocally with the television when it is off to obtain information on the weather, for example. And the answers will be displayed on the screen. Finally, support for Matter will be added in the second half of 2022 via a Firmware update (see our CES 22 news > LG C2 and LG G2 Oled TV, Room to Room Share function and Matter compatibility).

More details on each of these LG QNED series later. Availability announced for spring.